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Professional Gutter Installations

The foundation of our gutter installation division is our commitment to putting our customers first by providing top quality gutter installation services for the absolute best value to homeowners in the Greater Kalamazoo area.

We accomplish this with by utilizing our certified professional gutter team who have over 30 years of combined experience and by applying only the best aluminum products to ensure top quality and the best warranties available.


Our Quality Gutter Systems

Gutte intallation

Turnkey Builders provides a customized gutter system that is specifically designed for your home and to benefit you.


Our gutter systems are:

  • Made from Quality Aluminum Products.

  • Far better than pre-manufactured gutters.

  • Guaranteed to be a tight fit for your house.

  • Seamless and professionally crafted just for you.


Every home is unique, so why get cookie-cutter gutters that are not specifically made for you?


Turnkey Builders & ShurFlo Gutter Guards

(Designed For Our Region, Guaranteed Performance)

Turnkey Builders installs ShurFlo gutter guards for several reasons:

  • The guards will not void your roof warranty when installed properly.

  • They have are specifically designed for the harsh climate here in Michigan.

  • They have a unique design that increases the integrity of your gutter system.

  • They are extremely durable and come with 20 year guaranteed clog resistance.  

  • They are vastly more affordable to expensive and low-performing gutter helmets.


Gutter guard
What Our Customers Have to Say

"They explained how a proper gutter system is supposed to work and showed me the difference between improperly installed gutters and the ones that they install. I was very impressed. The team showed up on time and performed the work as planned and they even did a test to show that my new gutters worked. Everything works great and looks super solid." - Joseph M.

"The whole process was great. My estimate was very detailed and it included diagrams to show their plan for my home. The crew was very efficient and focused. They set everything up like they said they would and my new gutters work great! The company waas easy to work with and I will recommend them."  - Mary O.

"My estimate was very detailed and covered all of the repair work needed on the eaves. The team was able to get everything done in my time frame. The gutters work great and the eaves are solid. Great work!" - Derek A.

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