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Metal Roofing

Benefits and Highlights

Energy Saving Design

With the patented paint technology, CertainTeed's Matterhorn metal roofing has successfully made one of the most energy efficient roofing material on the market. 89% of the heat absorbed by the metal roof is actually re-emitted, keeping your house cool and energy controlled year round.

Check out the calculator here to see how much you could save on energy with one of these metal roofs!

Top Performance

Consistently, across the board, CertainTeed's Matterhorn metal roofing has created one of the highest performing roofing material around. That is one reason why we, here at Turnkey Builders, value Matterhorn roofing as one of the best options for any roofing remodeling or repair. 

Every Matterhorn roof holds the highest fire resistant rating (Class A), are wind & hail resistant up to Class 4, can withstand up to 130 mph gusts, and was specifically designed to combat against harsh winter climates. Turnkey Builders only recommends the best for our customers, especially for metal roofing, and we believe Matterhorn is the best! 

Mattehorn Shake

CertainTeed  Matterhorn

Metal Shake Roof

Metal Shake Roofing

Matterhorn metal shake roofing was designed by Certainteed to be stronger than steel, but still retain the elegance and look of real wood. With a variety of colors meant to replicate the endearing look of nature, Matterhorn metal shake roofing is sure to impress!


Each shake shingle is perfectly engineered to:

  • Resist up to 130 mph of high winds.

  • Resist fires up to a Class A rating.

  • Resist strong solar rays, paint fading, and algae growth.

  • Be high performing for over 50 years.

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Matterhorn tile

Metal Tile Roofing

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Metal roofing, such as the CertainTeed metal tile roofing, offers a great traditional westernized look without the compromise of integrity and maintenance.

Along with the charming, replicated look of clay in an array of hues, these metal tiles were also made to:

  • Resist the harmful effects of algae growth.

  • Be CRRC rated (every style of the metal tiles).

  • Withstand over 50 years of weather.

CertainTeed  Matterhorn

Metal Slate Roof

matterhorn slate

Metal Slate Roofing

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Not only does the patented paint technique keep the metal slate roofing looking great, but with the subtle and narrowly defined stone hues, Certainteed Matterhorn slate shingles are Energy Star efficient, extremely lightweight and fully recyclable! Every consumer has the chance of getting a great stone roof look, without the competencies that come with it.

Not only does the patented painted technology keep the metal slate shingles looking great, they also benefit from:

  • Title 24 compliant cool roof colors.

  • Being algae resistant.

  • Having over a 50 year lifespan.

  • Unqiue "cracks" and "chiseled" areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Matterhorn metal roof cost compare to other typical types of roofing?

That depends on whether you’re talking about initial cost or cost over time. Because metal roofing is a premium home product, the initial cost of a new roof can be roughly two to three times what an asphalt shingle roof costs. A metal roof is comparable in price to tile or shake roofing. Over time, though, homeowners who plan to remain in their home through at least one more re-roofing cycle (usually 12 – 17 years), will see a significant financial benefit from a Matterhorn roof that will not have to be replaced during that time or even long after.

Additionally, a new metal roof will likely yield other savings over time, such as saving money on your energy bills and potentially reducing your insurance costs. If you ever move, a Matterhorn Roof is an investment in your home that provides an immediate and ongoing increase in home value. And if you stay in your home, a long-lasting metal roof will save costly and messy re-roofing jobs with temporary roofing products. Metal roofing’s many advantages make it the economical choice in roofing materials. With its low life cycle cost due to low maintenance, long life, and enduring salvage value, metal roofing offers the highest value and protection for your home over the long haul. 

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Will a new metal roof save me money?

A metal roof can save money in several ways:

  • Energy efficiency can amount to major savings in energy costs. ENERGY STAR qualified metal roofing products reflect more of the sun’s rays. This can lower roof surface temperature by up to 100F, decreasing the amount of heat transferred into a building. As a result, Matterhorn can help reduce the amount of air conditioning needed in buildings.

  • Installation costs for a metal roof can be quite reasonable compared to other roofing alternatives. Installation of a clay tile or slate roof can average about double what a metal roof installation would cost, and installation of wood shingles can average 20% more than a metal roof. In some situations, a metal roof can be installed over an existing roof system due to metal’s relatively light weight. And finally, few homeowners realize until after the fact, but metal roofing can actually cost as little as or less than asphalt roofing. Since asphalt roofing needs to be replaced 2 – 4 times as often as metal roofing, you really need to multiply not only the initial cost of asphalt roofing materials, but also the cost of asphalt roof repairs and re-installation man hours, to compare to the typical “once-a-lifetime” metal roofing installation.

  • Many homeowners find metal roofing will lower insurance costs. Because metal roofing performs so well, many home insurance companies offer a discount on your insurance premium for using qualified metal roofing products. Especially in areas that experience extreme weather, you may qualify for up to a 35% discount on your homeowner’s insurance if your metal roofing meets Underwriters Laboratories UL 2218 specifications for impact  resistance, or is rated Class A, B, or C for fire resistance. Contact your home insurance company for more information.

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How much longer will metal roofing last than common roofing options like asphalt or wood shingles?

Metals like steel are famed for their longevity and durability. You will find that a metal roof lasts two or three times as long as other roofing materials, and often longer. Metal roofs can last 50+ years, or more.

The average life of an asphalt roof is 15 - 30 years, depending on roof pitch and climate. Because asphalt is an organic material, it begins deteriorating as soon as it is exposed to weather, whereas a metal roof will never decompose. Other roofing materials, including wood shingle, shake, and tile, are also subject to weather-related problems that lead to breakdown. Wood shingle and shake roofs may rot and need replacement before twenty years. Concrete tile roofs are vulnerable to cracking and warping, especially in the freeze/thaw cycle of cooler climates. If you’re seeking a consistently long-lasting and durable roof, choose metal. You can expect a metal roof to remain attractive and protective for generations to come.

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Will a metal roof rust?

Matterhorn roofs are painted with high performance Kynar paint system, the same specialty material used on bridges and skyscrapers. It is specifically engineered for fade resistance to last a lifetime.

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Is a metal roof hot?

In general, metal roofs reflect solar energy, and pigments in the specialized paint coating re-emit heat from the sun’s rays. This minimizes heat retention on the surface of the roof, so less heat is transferred into the building’s structure. Compared to common asphalt singles, metal experiences much less heat gain.

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Is metal roofing noisier than other types of roofing? Or will it sound loud on the roof when it rains?

You may have heard rain on the metal roofs of commercial buildings or sheds that have open framing and little or no insulation. However, in a home, noise is reduced by attic space, proper attic insulation, roof decking material, and the texture of the metal roofing panels. When the roof is properly installed with solid sheathing, studies show that the level of rain noise inside the home is not noticeably different for metal than for other roofing materials.

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What about hail?

Over time, tile roofs become brittle and easily susceptible to hail damage. Concrete Tile also exhibits cracks and breaks during severe hail storms. Asphalt hail ratings vary greatly between manufacturers. Even severe, wind-driven hail is no match for our Class 4 rated Matterhorn Metal Roofs. Class 4 Hail Rating tested to FM4470.

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What will happen to a metal roof in a lightning storm?

Metal roofing does not creates static electricity nor does it attract lightning, and poses no additional lightning risk to the structures it protects. Lightning occurs from the highest object in an area, regardless of the material from which it is made.

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Can skylights be installed with my Matterhorn Roof?

Yes, skylights and other normal types of protrusions through the roof can be installed with a Matterhorn Metal Roof. It’s important that they are properly flashed and detailed according to installation instructions, and the skylights must be curbed rather than flush-mounted. For existing skylights, it is often best to install new skylights along with the roof, given the relatively short lifespan of a skylight and the long life expectancy of a metal roof.

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Will my cell phone reception be affected by a metal roof?

Most people do use cell phones in metal roofed buildings without giving it a second thought. That’s because many restaurants, banks, stores, and public buildings have a metal roof, or a metal deck beneath a flat roof, with no effect whatsoever on cell phone reception. If you already have weak or spotty cellular coverage in your home, a new metal roof probably will not help. One option would be to add a cell phone signal booster to improve your reception. However, if you already have reasonable cell phone reception in your home, there should be no noticeable difference after you install a metal roof.

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